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In the interest of the Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences, it's been ten years we have begun the Journal, presently we are praising the 10th Anniversary and we are favoured to invite scientists to our journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences to submit your research work.

The Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences expects to scatter information and advance discourse through the production of friend evaluated, top notch explore papers on all subjects identified with Medicines and Medical conclusion, treatment, and counteractive action of illness. The open access journal is published by International Research Journals.

The Journal is effectively running in the 10th Volume which covers the field of medications managing sicknesses including restorative sciences, aversion of malady connecting with scientific researchers around the world. The Journal underlines significant level research and instruction. Unique research articles, audits, short interchanges, and letters to the editors in the fields of drugs, restorative sciences and division are welcome. Every effort is made to have a speedy and critical peer-review process.

Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences welcomes your submissions.

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