Accelerating Trade and Industrial Growth by Promoting Scientific Research through TSI Journals


Trade and Industry are the dynamic entities that are subjected to tremendous developments due to the advancements and ever evolving new technologies. Industry circles need to constantly update their knowledge in order stay fit in these fields and thus would be keeping an eye on the latest information from various sources. Scientifically researched, open access journals are extending yeomen services in this regard and Trade Science Inc (TSI) Open Access Journals are pioneers in offering exclusive trade and industry specific research to the global trading and the industry communities.

Trade Science Inc is an internationally accredited publisher of Science, Technology and Medicine that publishes academic, technical, and scientific works catering to vast sections of readers that are academicians, professionals of trade and industry, students pursuing engineering, technical vocational and professional courses. It basically focuses on the research in the fields of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemical Technology, Environmental Science, Materials Science, Nano Science & Nano Technology, Food and Biosciences with a special emphasis on sustainable environmental friendly industry practices. It thus encourages special journals on Inorganic Chemistry, Environmental sciences and space research.

As many as 24 TSI journals are serving its esteemed readers for more than a decade and 80% of these periodicals are widely indexed journals. The transition of TSI journals from the subscription model publishing to Open Access Model is nothing but the reflection of the high demand from its readers who have cited and circulated the articles published in the TSI journals, enhancing the image and visibility of the scholarly publications of our authors.

The peer-reviewed scholarly journals of TSI encourage manuscripts as research articles, reviews, commentaries and case studies. By publishing the latest advancements in Science and technology as reference material these journals are instrumental in furthering the scientific research.